A campaign calling on everyone in the United States to take action against the police killing of Black men in the name of justice is starting to spread across social media platforms.

CNN was first to report the campaign on Tuesday.

The hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter, was tweeted out earlier in the week by the #BlackGirlLives movement, a movement that was started by a high school student from Cleveland, Ohio, who was shot and killed by police.

The movement, which has more than 5,000 followers, was created to encourage people to take a stand in the face of police brutality, including police killings.

The hashtag also gained attention after police shot an unarmed 18-year-old man to death in the middle of the night in New York.

CNN has not independently verified the authenticity of the video.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been growing rapidly in recent months.

It is also a platform for Black activists to express support for Black Lives, and it is a popular online platform for people to discuss and promote issues of race and inequality.

In February, CNN spoke with a number of people involved in the Black Lives Matters movement who described how the hashtag helped them grow their networks.

One said the movement has helped her to build relationships with fellow Black people, and she has also learned that it is not always easy to be a Black person who is being targeted by police officers, the network said.

This is a new kind of community building, and we have to do that in a safe space, said Jessica Lauer, the Black Girl Lives coordinator for CNN.CNN is the first news organization to use the hashtag to highlight the plight of Black people in the US.

We are starting to see the real-time impact on people who are being targeted and killed, said CNN news editor Brian Stelter.

The #BlackMatter hashtag has also gained traction in other countries, including Brazil and Turkey.

In Turkey, #blacklivesmatter became a trending topic on Twitter.

In Brazil, a hashtag #BlackWomenLives was also created.#BlackLightsmatter has also begun spreading to the United Kingdom, according to a Facebook post from a UK student group.

#BlackGirlsLives UK also launched a campaign on Facebook calling on people to show solidarity with Black Lives.

The United States is not the only country with a Black Lives Movement.

The movement has also spread to the UK, Sweden, Austria and Belgium, among others.