The new hobby frame market is heating up, with a record number of frames sold in just four months, according to data from the Australian National Licensed Frame Dealers Association (ANLFE).

While the numbers may not be as great as the ones for last year, it shows that hobby frame makers are on the march and are making more money than ever before.

“We’ve had a record year for the hobby frame industry, so we’re very happy with that,” ANLFE chief executive officer Paul Macfarlane said.

“There’s been a lot of great interest from retailers to sell the frames to the consumer, and we’re pleased to see that the demand for these frames is quite strong.”

The market has grown quite significantly over the last few years and we’ve been really pleased to be able to help it grow.

ANLFe president and CEO Paul MacFarlane says the industry is growing rapidly and is seeing a lot more interest than ever. “

That’s pretty phenomenal,” Mr Macfaddin said.

ANLFe president and CEO Paul MacFarlane says the industry is growing rapidly and is seeing a lot more interest than ever.

Photo: David Crosling The ANLFA chief executive also pointed to an increase in the number of new entrants into the hobby market in recent years, particularly through the introduction of new models, which have become more affordable.

“With the rise of digital technologies, there’s been an increase of people going into the industry and trying to get into the frame business,” Mr MacDonald said.

He said the hobby sector was seeing “a big jump” in the last three years.

“This year, we’ve had 4 million new entrants to the hobby,” Mr McDonald said.

“[That] is very exciting, especially for us as an industry, because we’ve got so much new product to sell, we really need to be successful in attracting new people into the market.”

The ANA has a range of different categories of frame makers, and these are the most popular: “Industry Standard” frames, which can be bought in Australia and sold in the UK and the US, are usually the most expensive, but can also be bought overseas.

“Custom” frames are also available, but usually go for less than “Custom Standard” but are designed to fit specific people.

“Premium” frames and frames that can be ordered with custom details are more affordable, and are more commonly found in the US and Europe.

“Crimson” frames can be very expensive.

They’re more expensive than “Premium Standard” and are often built to be used in a range, with frames made by a manufacturer in their home country or overseas.

The ANFLFE is looking for more frame manufacturers to come forward to meet the demand.

“One of the things that has really been really exciting is that we’ve found that we’re not just getting the top guys, we’re getting a lot fewer of the people that we were expecting,” Mr McMillan said.

”There are a lot less of the super-premium guys coming into the space.

“So, we are actually looking for the next generation of frame builders to come in, and if they want to come into the community, they’re a great place to do that.”

ANLA president and chief executive Paul MacPfarlane says it’s good to see hobby frame manufacturers coming forward to cater to more people.

Photo from ANLA Advertisement The ANLFB’s Mr MacFaddin said the increase in interest in the hobby was a great sign.

“It’s really good for the industry, and I think it’s really exciting for our members,” he said.