The simplest way to frame your picture frames is to take a photo, put it on a sheet of paper and then frame it.

But when it comes to painting your own picture frames you’ll need a few things to go right.

First you need to get the right size frame.

The bigger the frame, the more precise the painting process.

For instance, if you want to paint on a piece of paper that’s about 4cm x 3cm you need a frame that’s between 6cm x 4cm.

You can find these frame sizes at many frame suppliers.

For example, a 7cm x 7cm frame will fit a sheet between 2.5cm x 2.7cm and 2.6cm x 5cm.

If you’re painting on a flat piece of plastic that’s 4cm by 1cm, then you’ll want to frame it in a frame size that’s around 2.75cm x 1.5.

Then you need the right frame material.

If your painting is done on a paper that has a high contrast ratio then you can use a dark or neutral grey paint, such as white paint.

Or if you’re using a medium to dark colour like blue or green then you should consider using a grey base colour, such for example grey.

Paint on top of your frame The next step is to paint your picture frame on top, this will allow you to position the frame correctly so it’ll be perfectly aligned.

For this, the best way is to use a paint brush.

Once you’ve selected your frame size and frame material, you’ll then need to paint.

You’ll need to use the brush to paint across the image, not over it.

It’ll be easier to paint around the edges of your image.

Once the brush is painted across your picture you can press the paint button to bring up the painting mode.

In this mode you can adjust the paint colour, which controls the way the paint looks on your image, as well as how the paint will flow.

When you’re finished painting your picture, the painting is over.

You should be able to take your picture with the painting still on.

If it looks a bit muddy or doesn’t look right then you might need to clean it up a bit.

Next, it’s time to apply the paint to your picture.

Once your picture has been painted, you should apply the frame to the frame with the frame brush.

If the frame is too tight or if it’s not very well aligned, then the paint may need to be adjusted.

If all is well, you can then place your picture in the frame.

If everything is OK, your picture should look something like this: In this case the frame looks very well matched.

You might need a bit more paint to paint the edges to ensure the image matches up.

Once all the paint is applied to your image you can start to paint it in your painting studio.

If there’s a lot of painting left to do, you might also need to adjust the colour and contrast of your painting before it starts to look good.