RTE source The image above was taken with an Olympus PENTAX camera (photo no. 97922) from the Ray Ban collection. 

It was taken on a clear night in December of 2017.

It was a clear day when it was shot.

Ray Ban is famous for their black frames. 

The image above shows the original frame from Ray Ban 8×10 frame. 

This is a frame from the original Ray Ban PENTA cameras collection.

It is a black frame frame that was made from resin and painted white. 

There is a similar frame that I captured from the same Ray Ban frame collection (photo No. 97501). 

In addition to these black frames, Ray Ban also has black and white prints that have been hand painted by Ray Ban artists and sold in stores. 

Ray Ban also makes black and green frames from resin (photo NO. 97022) and hand painted green frames (photo Nos.

96816 and 96818). 

These black and black frames are a huge collector’s item.

The images above are the Ray Bans frame #96921. 

I have not found a good photo to show how many are left. 

 Ray Bans black and grey frame # 96921 was made in the early 1970s and was the last black and dark frame made by Ray Bantras black and brown frame collection.

The black frame is very rare and only available from the collection and is available in limited numbers from Ray Bants dealers. 

Some Ray Banners black and blue frames (No. 96916) have been sold and some black and purple frames (Nos.

97215 and 97216) are available. 

In the 1980s Ray Bana’s Ray BAN frames were made in large batches and had their frames sold as one large batch. 

These were very popular frames and I would say that the black and orange Ray Banas black and red frames (Photo No. 97012) are the only black and silver frames in the collection that are still in the Rayban collection.