The video was released today as part of a public awareness campaign by the UK Police Association (UKPA) in response to a damning report into how officers have abused and exploited children in prisons.

The video, shot in August and filmed by one of the officers, was released to the public after a public outcry.

The officer involved, a former police officer who is now in a relationship with another officer, is heard in the video berating the young girl, describing her as ‘a bit of a bitch’ and saying she should ‘stop being such a little bitch’.

The video also shows a woman speaking to the officer about a child in her care who ‘looks like she’s just trying to get attention’.

‘You’re going to jail for a year for that,’ the officer said.

‘And if you come out and you’re the one that has a problem with that, you’re going straight into prison for the rest of your life,’ the woman said.

‘You’re an adult, and I’m an adult.

If you have problems with that you can go to the police.’

In another video the officer says ‘I’m going to make sure I kill her’.

In a statement released by the police association, the officers who filmed the video said: ‘I sincerely apologise to the girl and her family for the actions I have taken.

I have a clear understanding that it is inappropriate for anyone to use force in a public place and I have never behaved in a way that would have been considered appropriate in this situation.’

I am also incredibly sorry for any pain this may have caused the girl’s family and I take full responsibility for my actions.’

The officers who recorded the video also apologised to the family of the girl, saying they did not take the situation lightly.

Officers were called to a residential address in Manchester on August 22 after reports of a ‘bizarre incident’.

After searching the house they discovered a young girl in a bedroom with ‘several other young girls’, including two in a group, police said.

Police said the young woman was ‘uncooperative’ and the officers were called ‘to assist them in their enquiries’ into the incident.

When police arrived, the girl told them ‘she had a crush on me’.

Police said she had told them she was pregnant and was ‘shocked’ by their actions and refused to get out of the bedroom, police added.

A video has been released of the incident, showing officers being called to an address in Newcastle after reports that a young woman had been ‘shaken up’ by ‘two other young females’ in a ‘large group’.

Two other officers were also called to the scene, and the three are seen speaking to an 18-year-old girl in the bedroom.

After leaving the home, the two officers approach the 18-yr-old in the room, where she tells them she is ‘an adult’ and ‘has a baby’.

One of the officer’s officers asks her: ‘What are you doing here?’, to which the girl replies ‘I am pregnant’.

Both officers tell the woman that she has ‘some problems’ and she ‘has to stop being such an adult’.

When the girl tells the officer that she is not ‘the one that’s been messing around with the girls in the house’, she says ‘you’re going home’.

Officers can be heard saying ‘she’s going to be here for the next four years’.

At this point, the officer appears to try to calm the girl down, telling her that she can get help and that he would be ‘here for you’.

Later in the footage, another officer appears in the doorway and tells the girl to ‘stay quiet’ and to ‘just shut up’.

As the girl is asked to ‘keep quiet’, the officer tells her: ‘I’ve got you now.

I’ve got a gun.

If I hear anything, I’ll shoot you’.

The officer then says ‘she can’t have that’.

This is when a second officer appears and tells police that he is not going to ‘do anything’.

During this moment, another young girl appears in a video on her phone, telling the officer: She’s pregnant, she has a baby.

She doesn’t know who I am.

Police officers can be seen being approached by a woman in the street as the footage continues.

As she is approached by the officers officers tell her that they are not going ‘to do anything’ and they will be ‘right here’.

It is at this point that the officer on the video appears to grab the young teen and shove her back.

While police are speaking with the young victim, another woman appears in one of two videos released by UKPA, and can be overheard saying: You can’t leave me