Walmart frames for Star Wars: The Force Awakens have been a staple of the retailer’s business for years, but a new frame for the movie’s most iconic character could be a new way to show the iconic look of the franchise.

Walmart is taking the frame to its store locations for “Darth,” a new feature on the company’s website that features a variety of different versions of iconic Walmart frames, including the original “Duckbill” and the newer, larger versions for both “Star Wars” and “Transformers.”

The company has long used the Star Wars logo in its packaging and other products, but this time, the company is taking its cues from its most iconic movie character and using the Star Trek icon on a Walmart frame.

The company is using “Dakota” as the “Dooku” name on the frame, as well as the word “Star” on the front and back of the frame.

It’s not the first time Walmart has taken a creative approach to its Star Wars merchandise.

Last year, the chain released “The Complete Star Wars” Blu-ray box set, which featured an original Star Wars film poster, a new poster, and the original packaging for “Star Trek Beyond” (pictured above).

In addition to that, Walmart released a limited edition “Star wars” bobblehead last month that featured a special holographic character, and a “Starwars” shirt for the upcoming “StarWars: The Last Jedi” trailer.