The most popular flower frame in our country, the butterfly frame, was first designed by Japanese artist Junichi Nishida in 1892.

The flower frame was a popular choice for ornamental pieces such as flowers and watercolors, but it also caught on in the arts and crafts world.

Today, more than 80 million butterfly frames are made in the U.S. and worldwide, making them a staple in home décor.

Here are three quick and easy ways to make butterfly frames.


Start with a flower.

Most flowers require a lot of flower oil, which you can use to add a beautiful color to your frame.

Start by spraying a few drops of oil onto your flower.

Then place a piece of flower in a frame made from that oil, creating a frame that looks like a flower with the oil stuck to it.

Brush a little oil onto the back of the frame to cover any wrinkles.


Make your own frame.

There are a variety of ways to frame a flower, and you can add a few different flowers to the mix to make your own butterfly frame.

You can use a butterfly brush to brush on your flowers and then apply a light, airy color to them.

Or, you can brush them on with a paint brush and paint them on in a pattern with a clear acrylic or plastic base.

The flowers you choose will depend on what type of flower you want to use.

In the case of butterfly frames, you’ll want to choose a color that matches the color of the flower.

For example, a rose with a light pink base is best for flower frames.


Create a floral motif.

Many flowers, like the chrysanthemum, can be used as motifs in a butterfly frame for a unique look.

For this, you could use a piece from a flower basket.

A flower basket can hold a variety different flowers, including a rose, rose petals, or a pink butterfly.

Place a flower on top of the butterfly and attach a butterfly to that flower.

Add a piece to the basket and then hang a flower or two.

When you’re finished, you might want to add flowers to fill the bottom half of the basket.

This can make for a lovely decorative centerpiece.


Create an accessory.

For a more decorative look, you may want to create an accessory for your butterfly frame that adds a touch of sophistication to the frame.

This could be a ribbon, string, or ribbon cord.

Just make sure it’s small enough to fit inside the butterfly.

You might also want to make the ribbon in a different color from the flower, or the ribbon might be attached to the base of the frames.

For flowers, you’re more likely to use an acrylic flower base, which is easier to find and less likely to rust or fade.

You’ll also want a ribbon to attach to the stem of the Butterfly Frame.


Add some art.

Butterfly frames are an easy way to add art to your home décolletage, so make sure you’ve got the right pieces for your home.

Butterfly frame patterns are also a great way to showcase your designs.

Make sure to check out our tutorials for making butterfly frames and other DIY projects.

We love finding ways to incorporate nature and the natural world into our home déclaves, and we hope you find this tutorial useful.

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