Posted October 05, 2018 01:04:37 The workplace has been the topic of discussion for quite some time, with many people complaining of eye fatigue from the glare of electronic devices.

However, this is not a new problem, with other research also showing that glasses are actually making the workplace more efficient.

Research from the University of Melbourne has shown that wearing sunglasses during the day actually reduces the amount of time spent staring at screens.

“It is clear that wearing glasses can reduce the amount that people spend staring at electronic screens,” Dr Rebecca Coady from the university said.

“The main limitation is that glasses can only prevent eye fatigue for some people, but not for everyone,” she said.

Dr Coadey and her colleagues wanted to find out why people were spending so much time staring at their screens.

They wanted to know how much time they spent staring, how much they used their eyes to concentrate on work and how much information they were able to digest during the time they were staring.

Dr Rebecca Coody’s research is funded by the Australian Research Council.

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