BREAKING NEWS: The bones of bones have been discovered on a Chinese beach, along with broken glass and a broken skull.

It’s all part of the mystery of how an ancient Chinese civilisation collapsed into the sea and became a ruin, experts say.

The Chinese have been digging since early this year and found the remains of the skeleton of a man who was killed in a battle in the 5th century AD.

His bones were found on a beach near Shandong, a city of 2 million, but the exact time and place of his death have been disputed.

The remains of a female skeleton were found in the same area, but there were no remains of her husband.

Experts believe they are the remains and remains of both men, but they have yet to be formally identified.

One theory is that they are related, as both were killed during battle.

“I’ve always thought that the bodies were brought from the sea, and they’re related to the people who died in the battle,” said Dr Wang Yu, a geologist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He told ABC News: “I think they’re a possible family.”

It’s a very complicated problem.

We’re only going to be able to solve it by finding out what the human remains are, and we’re not going to have any more certainty until we can do a full examination of the remains.

“We hope that by now we have a complete picture of the human skeleton, and then we can reconstruct what happened to the humans.”

Dr Wang said it was not the first time people have discovered bones on the beach.

“When we were excavating in the 1930s and 1940s, we found skeletons on the side of the road,” he said.

“This was the first major discovery of the body parts.”

Experts said the bones may be the remains from an ancient human culture.

Dr Wang and his colleagues are studying the bones to see if they are from the same individual.

“To date, we haven’t seen the bones from the body from the person, and to date we haven the remains only from the skull,” he explained.

“If we can find the skeleton and we can identify the human skull, then we’ll be able solve this mystery.”

A team of Chinese archaeologists have found the bones and are working to identify them.

Dr Yu said it would take decades to find the remains, but he was hopeful the bones would help to establish their identity.

“The most likely scenario is that it’s the remains belonging to a different individual.

They are very different, and that means we can’t say for sure,” he added.