Ars Technic’s tech editor Justin Haines reports that Sony’s PlayStation 4 console has a “very strange” look.

Hainess says he’s been seeing the console “from different angles” since it launched earlier this month, and the results have been interesting.

First, we see the Xbox 360’s console, and then, as Hainest points out, we get to see the PS4’s console.

Sony’s console looks a little odd compared to the other consoles.

Hainsons explanation?

It’s the Xbox One, with the PS3’s controller attached.

The Xbox 360 controller is “quite similar to the ones on the PlayStation 4, but the Xbox controller doesn’t have a touchscreen, so you’re looking at two different controllers.”

That’s because Sony made the PS2 controller a separate piece of hardware.

But the Xbox one doesn’t use the same “controller” anymore.

So it’s still a single controller, and it’s not like it has a touchscreen.

So when you see the console in the screenshots above, the controller is attached to the back.

This makes the console look like it’s sitting on a shelf.

Haininges points out that there are no buttons on the Xbox console, which makes the gamepad “pretty useless.”

Hainss also points out the Xbox consoles “look really odd” compared to their PlayStation counterparts.

“They have no way of turning their backs, so they’re always facing forward, and they’re very hard to see.”

Hainsess says the Xbox controllers look a little strange.

Hitting the Xbox buttons on his PlayStation 4 make the console shake.

“It makes the consoles look sort of like they’re going to flip on the shelf,” Hainys says.

“I think that’s what you’re seeing here on the screen.

The controller is the front, so if it’s tilted down, then you’re going straight through the front of the console.”

Hainingss also says the console looks “a little weird” compared with the PlayStation 3’s controller.

Hacking the console will open up a menu that shows off all of the games on the system.

Hearing Hainsss’ story is like a revelation.

“Sony was doing this on purpose,” he says.

Hinsss says he didn’t even know that the PSN game list was available to hackers, so he was excited to find out about the console’s contents.

Hinnss said he went to his local store to purchase the PS Vita, the PS 4, and other games, and that he was told the console was on sale for $100.

“But when I went to the PlayStation Store to get my PS4, I noticed that the console wasn’t there,” Hinnsss says.

He said he then went to Sony’s website and found out the console is on sale again, for $200.

Hint: It’s still not available.

“My guess is that Sony was able to get it for $80,” Hinsson says.

That’s not a typo.

“If it was $50, I would have gone into the store and bought it,” he adds.

Sony did say that the PlayStation Network was still open, but he didn-t know that until after his report.

Hinss says the PlayStation console was available for $60 when it was on Sale.

“You could get it online, but it’s basically a different console, because the PS1 console was more of a hybrid console,” Hainsson says, noting that the new PS4 console looks and feels like a “traditional” PlayStation console.

“The console’s actually really cheap.

If you want to buy one, it’s $100 on Amazon.”

Sony’s decision to sell its PS4 for $150 is not a good one.

It makes it a lot harder to buy a new console than a cheaper one, especially since you’ll still need to buy an Xbox One for the same price.

But Hinsons report is worth noting for a couple of reasons.

First is that he’s a fan of the PlayStation brand.

“For the first time in years, Sony is going to have to make a decision about the future of the PS brand,” he notes.

“So far, the games are great.

I like the games.

I’m not a big fan of PlayStation 4.

It’s just a shame it won’t be coming to other systems.”

He also said the PSX is a good choice for the PS family.

“This is the best console out there, and Sony is really going to do the right thing for their customers.”