The big question about the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is when exactly we’ll see the S7 Edge, and for now, it looks like the S6 Edge will get the honor.

There are a few things worth noting before we get to the new flagship, however.

The S6 was actually a very good camera, so it’s not too surprising that the S8 should have better specs.

That said, the S5’s specs were so good, it should be a no-brainer for Samsung to include an S6 in its lineup.

And while there are some major differences between the S4 and S6, the biggest one is price.

We think the S9 should be cheaper than the S10 and S9, but we’ll have to see how Samsung does it.

If you’re a bit of a camera geek, though, there’s no better time to start saving money on your next digital camera than now.

For now, let’s talk about the pros and cons of the new Galaxy S8.

Pros: Great camera for a great price.

The Galaxy S6 is one of the best cameras Samsung has ever made, and its performance is nothing short of outstanding.

The new Galaxy line is very similar to the S3 and S4, with the exception of the S-Pen.

If the S Pen is a must-have, the new S8 is a definite upgrade.

Cons: No S Pen.

It’s hard to argue with the new fingerprint sensor, but it doesn’t seem like a necessary upgrade, even for people who love it.

The camera has always been a huge draw for Samsung, and it’s disappointing that the new generation doesn’t feature the fingerprint sensor.

There’s a new S-Lite camera lens with a wide aperture, and that will be the standard for the next couple of years.

Samsung has been building a camera ecosystem around the S camera, and while that’s great, it doesn.

The company has been focusing more on selling the camera than actually building cameras.

Samsung’s focus on building camera technology has been one of its biggest strengths, but its camera hardware isn’t very good.

Samsung hasn’t had a high-end camera since the Galaxy Note 3, and the Galaxy S9 has a smaller camera than the Galaxy 8.

While the S cameras aren’t as good as the Galaxy Pro’s, they’re still better than what’s out there for less money.

The quality of the camera is a big reason to consider a camera, especially when you’re going to spend more on the Galaxy camera than you would on a Samsung phone.

Pros : High-quality camera for less.

The biggest question when Samsung announced the Galaxy s7 is whether it was the same camera as the S 6.

That question is answered in the new model, which has a higher megapixel count and higher resolution than the older model.

While we’re excited to see the new cameras, we’re not quite sure it will be better than the old model.

We’d say it’s better than any other flagship camera in the Galaxy lineup, but even that is hard to tell in terms of performance.

The best camera on the new phone is definitely the Samsung G9, which boasts better sensors, better image stabilization, and a wider aperture.

However, we don’t think that’s enough for the S series, which is going to get an upgrade to the Super AMOLED display, a bigger screen, and more advanced autofocus.

There is one downside to the Galaxy Series, however, which isn’t that much different from the S Series: battery life.

The Note 3 had a good battery, but Samsung hasn, again, added an extra charge to the phones battery life, which means we’re going into the S 8 as a bit short of a battery.

The only way to improve the S line is to replace the S battery with a Samsung one, which will mean a bigger battery.

That could help with battery life if you’re only using one phone, but for most people, the phone will have the edge.

The same could be said for the other cameras in the S range.

The Samsung G7 has an excellent camera with an 8 megapixel sensor and a fantastic image stabilization system.

The latest Samsung Galaxy Note series has a better camera with a 10 megapixel camera and a more capable autofocusing system.

However: The Galaxy Note 8 has a larger sensor and higher megapixels, but the battery life isn’t as impressive as the Note 7.

Samsung also has the S Max, which was the flagship Galaxy camera for the Galaxy A series, and has a more impressive sensor and more powerful autofocal.

The newest Galaxy S series has an impressive camera with impressive autofocuses, but only the Note 8 and Note 8 Plus have a good camera performance.

For the S S Max and the S Note 8, the camera quality is comparable to the