The Wall St Journal (WSJ) on Tuesday reported on an iPhone app called Poolpool that allows users to pool their smartphones and cameras to capture 360-degree photos.

Poolpool’s creators say they’ve used the app to capture thousands of photos and videos in under three hours.

Poolpool’s creator says it has been used in conjunction with a smartphone camera to capture videos and video clips that would otherwise be too large to fit in a single photo or video.

Pool is a free app for iPhone, iPad, and Android that allows the creation of photos or videos using a smartphone’s camera and a small pool of stored photo, video, or audio.

Users can create pools with just a few taps, and they can create them in various ways to match the size of their pool.

Users can select from the following options for their pools: The first one is “pool” — a simple pool consisting of one pool object, a number of objects, and a pooling mode.

The second is “photo” — which creates a pool of photos, videos, and other media on a single camera.

The third is “video” — creating a pool that is split into multiple video or photo pools.

The fourth is “audio” — making a pool with a single audio recording of the pool itself.

Users then can use Poolpool to share the photos or other media, or simply download them.

The app works by scanning your camera’s camera sensor, using a program that analyzes the image captured by the camera, and then analyzing it to determine how to organize the captured data into different pools.

The program uses this information to generate a pool for each pool, which can be used to create different pool-like objects, for example, a pool where there are four objects or a pool created by grouping the objects in a triangle.

Pool pool can then be shared among users by sharing it with other users via email or by simply dragging and dropping the pool into their app, said the Poolpool app’s creators.

The pooling feature works on the iPhone as well as on Android.

Users who have the Pool Pool app installed on their phone will also have access to a feature that lets them add more pool objects to the pool.

A pool is then created, and users can choose from a pool’s pool of objects by selecting a “Pool” option from the “Pool Pool” option menu.

The Pool Pool feature lets users share pool photos or video clips, or other photos or media, to their social networks, and share them with other pool users.

This allows users, for instance, to upload a video or photos to their friends.

Users also can add other pool objects into the pool to create new pools.

Pool pool can be accessed through the Pool app.

The ability to share pool pool photos, video clips and other data is something Poolpool is targeting, according to the app’s developers.

PoolPool’s developers are focusing on providing this feature because many people use pool pool on a daily basis, said one of the Pool pool’s developers, Matt Matson.

Matson said users are using pool pool more than ever.

PoolPool is not the only app that lets users take a photo, stream a video, and use a smartphone to create a pool.

Many other apps, including PhotoShark, the photo-sharing app that has been around for years, and Poolpool, have also been around.

Pool is an alternative to PhotoSharks and PhotoPool, Matson said.

Pool Pool and PhotoShack have both been around longer than Pool Pool, but both are still around.

Matson declined to provide any statistics about the popularity of PhotoShots and PhotoPools.

Pool and PhotoShot, which have both gone viral, are two of the top-grossing apps in the US, according the App Annie app analytics company.

Pool Pool is the most popular photo-sharing app in the United States.