A friend of mine had a futon set up on the ground floor of his house.

The futon had the windows open so the sun could peek through, but there was a lot of glass that was blocked by the ceiling.

A friend took the futon off and I got the futons frame, the frames frames glasses, the glasses frames online, and it looked really nice.

Then I went and got a pair of frames glasses.

I went online and bought them.

I looked at them, and I couldnt tell the difference.

I dont think Ive ever looked at a pair in my life, so Im kind of like, “Oh, this might work for me.”

I bought a pair for my friend and put them on.

Ive never looked at glasses in my entire life.

So Ive gotten my glasses framed, but Im still wearing the same pair of glasses.

They look amazing and Ive been wearing them for a while.

I love the color.

It reminds me of my favorite shades of blue.

So Im trying to find a way to make my glasses a little bit more reflective.

I wouldnt say Ive found a new way to wear glasses.

But Ive definitely got some more creative ways of wearing them that dont involve making the frames more reflective and I can see myself using some of those.