4×6 Picture Frames to make your day bed frames look like the ones you see on TV.

If you don’t have a bed frame lying around, this frame is for you. 

What you need: A sturdy chair. 

How to make it: The best part about these is they are just 3 sheets of 4×5, which means you can have the perfect bed frame.

The frames can be made of the same material as your bed, or can be a different material, like fabric. 

Materials: You can choose from any of the different fabrics that are available in most stores, and if you are looking for something slightly cheaper, you can also purchase a sheet of fabric to make a bed cover. 

Tools: To make these frame, you will need:A sturdy desk chair.

A sheet of 4 x 5 fabric to fill the frame. 

You should then have a piece of paper to stick to your desk so you don´t have to worry about scratching the paper or anything. Optional: There are other materials you can choose to make an additional frame, but the frames are the most popular because of their beauty and durability. 

For more inspiration and inspiration on how to make bed frames, check out our article: How To Make A Nightstand Frame With A Desk. 

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