The iPhone is one of the most widely used smartphones in the world.

It’s the most popular iPhone, with more than 2 billion sold in its first 12 months of availability.

And for the first time ever, Apple will introduce a new video app for the smartphone.

The app, titled “iWatch Video,” is an app for iPhone that will allow users to watch videos on their iPhones and iPads without the need to have an Apple TV.

Apple has a long history of working on video games.

The company released a video game back in 2013 called Watch Apple Music, and released a mobile game in 2015 called Watch Movies.

In 2017, Apple released “Watch” video games for the Apple Watch.

But the new app, “Watch Video for iPhone,” is the first game to launch for the new iPhone and the first one to offer an Apple-made app.

It will be available to buy and download from the App Store in the coming weeks.

It’s an interesting move by Apple, considering how many people are using their iPhones to watch content online and the number of apps that are designed specifically for watching content online.

Apple’s decision to release the app for an iPhone comes a few months after the company unveiled the first iPhone app for video calling.

This is a major departure for Apple, which has been making video calling for years.

Apple’s video calling app is the most-used video calling feature on any smartphone, according to a new report from App Annie.

That’s a huge accomplishment, as it allows users to call their favorite video calling apps without having to go through the app to do so.

App Annie analyzed the top 100 video calling applications on the Appstore in 2017 and found that more than 30 percent of apps on the top 200 app store apps have video calling features.

That is a massive increase from the 9.5 percent of video calling services available in 2017.

App Annnnnt Annie also found that video calling was used by nearly 4 million people a month.

The number of video calls for the month was 5.1 million.

The new video games are designed to work on the iPhone’s processor and are not intended to be played on a larger device.

They will work on an iPhone 7, 8, 8 Plus, or 10.

The App Annie report notes that Apple has been working on the video games and the new video apps for years, and that it had been working with Apple on them for months.

It also notes that the video apps are being made in-house, so the developers have not been working for years with the same people who developed the apps on other platforms.

The video game development team behind the new apps for the iPhones are known as the “iWings” and “iDogs.”

They’re a team of two engineers and two artists from the video game industry, and they’ve been working together for nearly two years.

They are the team behind “Watch Apple Music,” and the video app is just one of their other apps, “iBeacon” and its accompanying app.

The latter two apps let users communicate with people in real-time via a video call.

The “Watch Movies” app is an iPhone video calling game that is being developed by two developers.

It is not yet available to download.

The team behind Watch Movies is known as “Watch Dogs,” and it is an iOS video game that was developed by the team of four game developers working on “Watch Disney Movies.”

The app has not yet been released to download, but it will be on the Play Store very soon.

The developers behind “iEmoji” are known collectively as “iGames,” and they are a team led by “iCade.”

The developers are also known for their work on “iSafari” and the upcoming “iBooks.”

They are known for creating a variety of games that have been downloaded by over 2.5 million people, and for working on many of the best-selling games of all time.