Thuma bed frames are a great way to help reduce the risk of injury.

The frames are designed to help your legs and shoulders stay healthy.

If you’re in a pinch, you can make them for you at home.

But be careful if you’re trying to get away with it.

Read moreThuma beds are available at a number of retailers, including Ikea, Best Buy and Bed & Breakfasts.

Here’s how to make them at homeThe frame is attached to a wooden frame.

When you lift the bed frame, the wooden frame pops open and you can attach the bed to it.

You can then attach your shoes or socks to it and lay on your back.

If your bed doesn’t have a mattress underneath, you’ll need to buy one from a mattress store.

Make sure you’re wearing comfortable footwear, especially shoes with a firm sole.

Make sure you have a secure bed frame to keep your feet in.

The frame can be attached to the top of the bed with screws or with straps.

You’ll want to keep the straps attached so the bed doesn’ t move while you sleep.

The Thuma frame is available in three different sizes.

The thuma is the larger of the two, while the thuma frame weighs 5kg.

It can be made in the same size for a shorter bed or a longer bed.

If you’re going to sleep on the couch, the thumas are best for you, because the frames are more flexible.

You might want to consider the thaumas for your bed if you don’t sleep in your car or on a backpack.