The Canadian Press / Michael Dalglish article A new set of guidelines for the online marketing industry is set to come into effect on Monday.

A new set is expected to come in to effect on the new rules that govern how companies and brands can set up a website, and how much content can be posted.

The rules are designed to help companies and marketing departments better manage their online presence, including when it comes to marketing and online advertising.

“It will allow them to put more resources in the online campaign, to manage more effectively the impact of social media,” said Brian Johnson, CEO of Marketing Analytics.

“And it will allow us to provide more relevant and relevant content.”

But while the rules are a welcome change, Johnson is concerned some companies are using them as a tool to get around rules that are intended to ensure that their online marketing efforts are aligned with the Canadian content rules.

“We’ve heard some companies have taken advantage of the new guidelines and are using the guidelines to create content that they can use to circumvent the rules,” he said.

“We think it’s a mistake to do that.”

If you’re trying to make sure that the content you’re posting is relevant to your audience, it’s important that you follow the rules, and you have the ability to make the content that’s appropriate and relevant.

“For instance, Johnson said a company could post content that doesn’t relate to the content rules in a way that’s clearly not in keeping with the rules.

That kind of content, he said, could lead to a site breaking the rules and potentially attracting the attention of a government agency or law enforcement agency.

Johnson said he believes some companies, especially in the social media industry, are trying to skirt the rules to skirt rules that say they must be aligned with Canadian content guidelines.

Johnson said some social media companies are already using the new website rules to evade rules that ban advertising that disparages someone’s race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or religion.”

The rules require us to make that distinction,” he added.

Johnson’s concerns echo those of the online advertising industry, which has also been fighting to keep their websites from violating Canadian content regulations.

In addition to the new regulations, Johnson says the Canadian government is also pushing to streamline the rules for the advertising industry.”

I think the advertising world is in a bit of a state of flux,” he noted.

The new guidelines are expected to take effect in a matter of weeks.