Digital frames are a handy way to create a 3D printable object for framing.

This year’s printable frame for a new design, by artist Michael C. Shafer, is available at the Digital Frames & Frames exhibition in Vancouver.

He says the frames are the perfect size for poster frames.

He also says a frame is a good way to make a simple frame with a printable design.

The frames are made with a single layer of recycled plastic and are cut with a laser printer.

The frame is 3.5-inches wide and 1.25-inches high and is 3 feet wide and 8 inches high.

Cuts are made by hand on a standard laser cutter.

To print the frame, you use a piece of plastic and use a large X-acto knife to cut through the plastic, leaving a layer of white plastic that holds the frame together.


Shafer says the frame is printed with a transparent resin that’s also used for the paper used for papercrafts, but the resin is not used for making the frames.

“It is also used as a glue for creating the paper,” he said.

The plastic resin is then heated to an extremely high temperature and baked, forming the paper.

Shaser says the resin has a great bond to the printable, but he warns that it may take a while for the print to become smooth.

The printable is then coated in a layer (1.5 millimetres thick) of a thin layer of the resin and is then carefully peeled back.

The finished frame is then cut out of a sheet of translucent plastic.

The cutout is then wrapped in paper and glued onto a piece the size of a shoebox.

Shuster says the final printable frames are then stored in a freezer until they are ready to be used.