By Rafi Ben-Menashe | September 12, 2018 08:08AMAt a time when the bed frame industry is being inundated with high-end products, this one will do wonders for the sleep habits of the Israeli consumer.

The minimalist bed is a lightweight and lightweight-looking piece that comes with an array of features.

It comes in several shapes and sizes, and includes a bed head, which provides a headrest, and a sleeping pad that comes as a separate piece.

The bed frame is made of a light-weight material that can be assembled with minimal effort.

You can also add a pillow to it, as it is built of a fabric that’s both lightweight and soft.

The pillow is made from a light weight polyester fabric that is both lightweight, yet flexible.

You also have an internal mesh pocket, which is used for storing your keys, phone, and documents.

The mattress is made out of a lightweight fabric that doesn’t absorb heat, and can be heated by an electric heater, so you can easily heat the bed and your body from the inside.

You will find a number of other features, including a built-in fan, a built in light, and adjustable height adjustment, and also a sleep pad that can accommodate up to four people.