A new direct competitor for Amazon’s Echo video phone is being launched today by a company that has been developing its own direct competitor in the home audio market for nearly two decades.

The King Bed Frame, a compact, low-cost unit that connects to a TV with a cable or satellite receiver, was the product of a joint venture between the company that designs the speaker and the electronics industry, which is looking to build its own brand.

The King Bed Frames is also the product from an independent design company, known as Audio-Technica, that also designs other direct competitors like the D-Link and SoundBlaster.

The company’s goal is to compete with Amazon and other manufacturers of direct-to-home video devices that also have large-scale retail stores.

The Audio-Tech King Bed frames are a relatively inexpensive alternative to the more expensive and larger models from the direct competitors, and the company is aiming to be a “premium” brand for its devices, said Eric Darnell, chief executive of the company.

King Bed is the second direct competitor to be announced for the new Echo, which will be available this fall.

The new King Bed also has a number of advantages over the Echo, including its design, and a more affordable price tag.

It uses a “brick” design that includes a low-profile, thin aluminum frame that can be easily removed.

The firm hopes that by offering its own design, it can create a product that will appeal to consumers that would be unlikely to be drawn to Amazon’s direct competitors.

“There is no doubt that the direct competition has been losing ground, but that’s why we need a brand-new product, a product designed to address the needs of the home theater,” said Darnells co-founder and chief executive officer Jim Gentry.

“The King is the right choice because of its price, its design and its simplicity.”

A direct competitor is a competitor that makes products that are made in a similar way to Amazon, but does not compete directly with the company, Gentry said.

King Bed has already shown that it has designs for other products, including the DCLK speaker.

It also has plans to develop a “home theater speaker” for the company’s new line of audio products.

The company’s products are made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum and steel.

Gentry and Darnels team have been working on their designs for a while, and they recently developed a prototype speaker, DCLKY, which has a very small, low profile profile and a clear enclosure that fits inside a larger speaker cabinet.

The DCLKS are expected to launch in the fall.

King has also announced plans to launch its own line of home theater speakers later this year.

The first speaker, the DLEK, will cost $299.99.

The price will be similar to the $349.99 price of the Echo and Echo Dot, which are the direct rivals to Amazon and Google’s Google Home.

The $349 price will also include a two-year limited warranty.

The new King bed will cost an additional $10.99 to $13.99 depending on the size of the unit.

The speaker will also work with an Amazon Echo speaker, which Amazon has started selling in the U.S. for $179.99, and will be a product for people who don’t have an Echo speaker but prefer a speaker that will work with Amazon’s products.

Darnell said the company has been in talks with a number direct competitors to design products for the King bed, but nothing has been finalized.

“We’ve always thought that the most important thing was to make sure we did it right,” he said.