Football Italian understands that it is not a coincidence that Italy are in the top spot of the world rankings when it comes to the number of high-performing players.

The country’s best players are on the field, but they do not get the national attention and acclaim that the country’s top-class players get.

The result is a lack of respect for the national team and a lack a sense of pride in their achievements. 

The country’s national team was ranked seventh in the world last year and has lost three-straight Serie A titles to Italy. 

Italian football has had some problems in recent years, as the domestic leagues have become increasingly difficult for teams to qualify for, and the domestic competitions have become a very expensive proposition.

The league format is also changing.

The Serie A is the same in many ways, with six divisions, but the domestic tournaments are being played on a four-division format.

That has resulted in less money being spent on player wages. 

This is a problem, but there are some solutions.

Italy is spending money on the national teams and it is a good thing.

However, that money is being spent to the detriment of the domestic teams. 

There are many reasons for this, but one of the most important is the amount of money spent on players’ wages.

Italy spend an average of over €8m on wages, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

That figure includes player wages, which are fixed by the club and cannot be renegotiated.

That is a figure that does not change for the player on the pitch.

The figure of €8.8m is also higher than any other European country, and it also includes bonuses paid to players for playing. 

For a team like Juventus, that figure is a lot more than a few million euros.

The club is worth €8 million and pays a wage of around €10m per year, according a report from Forbes. 

However, a lot of this money goes towards player salaries.

The Juventus-based newspaper Il Messaggero reported that the club’s total salary bill for the season was around €3.5m. 

According to Football Italy, that would mean that the player salaries of the players on the team are around €12m, which is well over the €3m figure that the newspaper reports. 

If the players were paid more, it would mean less money going into the pockets of the national squad.

That would lead to the national side not having the money to improve their team. 

Furthermore, the fact that Juventus is spending a lot on players who are not really playing would be a detriment to the club.

The team is also not winning a lot.

The Italian Serie A table is not the best in the continent, and Italy are bottom of the table in the table for European football.

The best team in Europe has an average position of 6th in the league. 

When it comes down to it, the financial problem that Italian football faces is not one that is easy to fix.

The solution is simple.

The players are paid, the national anthem is played, the squad is coached and the team is rewarded. 

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